Fundraising Tips

In advance: Prepare students/members and parents by telling them about the fundraising you have chosen and reason for fundraising.

Send a letter home with the chocolates explaining the reason for fundraising, when money is due back, safety tips and ideas of where to sell chocolates. (Please ask us for letter templates as we can supply these to you)

3-4 days prior to money being due back, send home a reminder letter. Detailing when money is due and where/who to leave money with.

At Crest Chocolates we care about child safety. We strongly discourage any child selling chocolates door to door or to strangers without adult supervision.

Safety Tips:

  • Parents should be involved in their child’s fundraising activity
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash
  • Do not talk to strangers
  • Never allow children to sell door to door without adult supervision
  • Do not go out after dark
  • Try selling to family members first
  • Parents could take fundraising chocolates to work to sell to work mates


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