Est. 1950

Crest Chocolates is a local Brisbane based company established in the 1950’s. We are proudly one of the largest chocolate manufacturing companies of its type in Queensland.

Manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers and suppliers of premium chocolates. We offer a great assortment of chocolate flavours and ranges.


Souvenir Chocolates

The best memento to take home after any trip. Looks and tastes memorable.

Boxed Chocolates

Smooth, rich chocolate embellished with macadamias, coffee, creme centres and so much more.


Help ensure your next fundraising project is a huge success – use our fundraising chocolate range which has been a favourite since 1950.

Chocolate Bars

Fresh mint, decadent dark chocolate, creamy smooth milk chocolate, macadamias, almonds… so much to choose from

Souvenir Chocolate Box Ranges

Over the decades Crest Chocolates have developed a range of souvenir chocolate ranges which are in high demand both locally in Australia as well as ...
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Award Winning Chocolate Company Brisbane

Over the years the Crest Chocolates products have received wide acclaim for quality, unique and innovative produce and packaging. We have proudly won two Export ...
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Fundraising Tips

In advance: Prepare students/members and parents by telling them about the fundraising you have chosen and reason for fundraising. Send a letter home with the ...
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What makes Crest Chocolates a popular fundraising idea

Crest Chocolates Fundraising has been around since 1956 – it’s safe to say we know what we are doing! We take great pride in our ...
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