Crest Chocolates

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About Crest Chocolates

Manufacturers, Exporters, Wholesalers of Premium Chocolates

A family owned business was established in the 1950’s and from its beginnings has developed into the largest chocolate manufacturing company of its type in Queensland.

The company has an Australian wide market representation, exporting to overseas countries as well as the supplying to the Australian tourist, retail and 5 star hotel markets, and operates from a modern factory and administration base in Brisbane.

Our chocolate is Premium Chocolate, refined to a smooth soft texture. Products are manufactured from the finest Australian and imported ingredients, to create a quality product to meet the consumer’s requirements.

The company’s products have received wide acclaim for quality and unique and innovative packaging. The company has won two Export Marketing Awards Crest Chocolates company executives work as an experienced team with a good balance of industry knowledge, experience and technical ability.